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Big or small we build them all. If you are looking for the best quality jungle gym them you have come to the right place. Most of our Jungle Gyms that were originally built over 20 years ago are still in great shape with minimal maintenance. With our wood coming from Knysna it is slow grown to perfection.


Best Of Our Feature

We use only the best wood available. Brought in from Knysna our slow grown pine is treated to last for years on end against all weather and insect invasions. Many of our jungle gyms built 20 years ago are still safe for kids to play on with minimal maintenance required. All accessories used are also to the highest quality available.

Superior workmanship

Modular systems that require no nails to assemble.

Minimal disruption

Minimal disruption due to modular system ensuring least time required on site.

Affordable Prices

The fact that we custom design our jungle gyms to meet you requirements for space available and budget makes us adaptable for every jungle gym requirement.


We build the best jungle gyms in the business. Super safe and hard wearing they will make yours kids childhood unforgettable. With minimal annual maintenance their kids will also get to have fun and make great memories on the same jungle gym.

Why We Are Different

As the owner of the company I am on site for every build from start to finish ensuring a high quality finish and minimal disruption to your routine. We preassemble/manufacture our modular systems ensuring that we are on site for as little time as possible and your kids will get to enjoy the jungle gym without having to wait for days on end for us to complete. We do not use nails to assemble and therefore make is super easy for you to move or disassemble in the future without affecting the structural integrity of the jungle gym

Superior Quality

Super safe

Long lasting

Pretreated wood


What we do best

We build custom made Jungle Gyms to suite your budget and space requirements.Need a revamp or upgrade? Give us a call because we do it best


Superior build quality

Champagne Sports Resort boasting one of Jungle Jims superior Jungle Gyms.


Modular structure

Jungle Jim with its unique modular deck coming together.


Stylish Wooden goals

Quality long lasting accessories for all playgrounds.


This jungle gym is perfect” however sometimes actions speak louder than words and when I had just completed installing a jungle gym a little boy at the school ran up to it, hugged and kissed it and told me how much he loved it. That makes me know I am doing something right."

As a qualified aircraft technician I believe I have set myself very high standards. Therefore I am super proud to announce that in my humble opinion these jungle gyms exceed even my standards when it comes to quality build and lifespan. These jungle gyms are built to last with very little maintenance. They truly are a great investment for your kids.

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