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About Our Company

We are an awesome company that provides superior quality jungle gyms for homes, schools or businesses. When we say big or small, we build them all we mean it. Built to last with world class design that has been perfected over the last 22 years is what gives us the ability to build your kids their dream jungle gym.


Quality Products

We use only the best treated wood available. 22 years from our humble beginnings and most of our jungle gyms are still in use.


Weather Resistant

We use a high quality wood preservative that needs to be applied annually to maintain our jungle gyms in pristine condition for many many years.


Replacement Warranty

Failure of any wood or product supplied by us within a five year period will be replaced if maintained adequently.


Superior build quality

Champagne Sports Resort boasting one of Jungle Jims superior Jungle Gyms.


Modular structure

Jungle Jim with its unique modular deck coming together.


Treated Wood

Quality long lasting accessories for all playgrounds.


What our clients say about Jungle Jim

This jungle gym is perfect” however sometimes actions speak louder than words and when I had just completed installing a jungle gym a little boy at the school ran up to it, hugged and kissed it and told me how much he loved it. That makes me know I am doing something right."


As a qualified aircraft technician I believe I have set myself very high standards. Therefore I am super proud to announce that in my humble opinion these jungle gyms exceed even my standards when it comes to quality build and lifespan. These jungle gyms are built to last with very little maintenance. They truly are a great investment for your kids.

Mark van Rooyen
Creative Director

Meet Our Dedicated Staff

Matthew rossiter

Right hand man

Bheki Nkelewe

Left hand man

Mark van Rooyen


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